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 Jun. 29, 2015
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CAUTION: Before purchasing a refrigerator/freezer, we encourage you to measure your access space, including doorframes, corners and wall widths. Don't buy a unit that won't fit through your door!

Bottom versus top-mount: What's the difference between a bottom and top-mount refrigerator/freezer?
The benefits of bottom mount units are they provide "no stoop" storage benefit as well space to store merchandise on the top of the unit. Some people feel that bottom mounts also provides easier access for servicing the compressor. The disadvantages to bottom mount units are they offer less cubic feet of storage, they will make the kitchen hotter and they generally will not last as long as top mounted units. Because the compressor must vent through the bottom of the unit the compressors can burn out faster. BigTray recommends the TRUE T49 2 Door refrigerator and the TRUE T49F 2 Door Freezer.

Top mount units give you more cubic feet of storage. All components of the top mounted refrigeration system are outside of the food zone so that the full interior is usable for storage. Top mount units run cooler than bottom mounts because there is not venting problems on top of the unit. They will also keep your kitchen cooler because the warm air is kept up and out of the work area. The disadvantage to top mount units is the initial cost. They are about $150 per door more expensive. However they will last longer and require fewer service calls. BigTray recommends the Traulsen G20010 2 Door Refrigerator and the Traulsen G22010 2 Door Freezer.

Casters: Should I put casters on my refrigerator or freezer?
Casters add portability and portability means easier cleaning and sanitizing. We recommend you put casters on any piece of heavy equipment. Not only do they allow you to move your equipment more easily, more health departments are strongly recommending them. Casters come standard on some models and are optional on others.

Stainless steel construction: What's the benefit of stainless steel?
Stainless steel is both more durable and easier to clean than plastic.

180° doors: What's the benefit to a door that opens 180°?
The biggest benefit to 180° doors is that large trays and pans slide in and out of the unit more easily. If you have limited loading space around your refrigerator or freezer, this feature could make your life a lot easier.

Three-Door Precaution: Can I fit a 3-door refrigerator/freezer into my operation?
Precautions should be taken before purchasing a 3-door reach-in. Because they're so large, many spaces cannot accommodate them. Be sure that the unit you intend to purchase doesn't exceed floor load limits and that it will fit through doorways and around narrow corners.

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