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 Jun. 30, 2015
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Durable cookware. What should I look for?
Durable cookware begins with solid construction. The best cookware will be thick enough to be durable and light enough to be easily handled. The metal will also conduct heat both rapidly and evenly across the pan surface. You don't want cookware that's going to bend, dent or be difficult to clean.

Click here to view our selection of cookware.

Cast iron.
Cast iron generally conducts, distributes and holds heat well. However, it will rust if not kept dry.

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Stainless steel.
Stainless steel is generally a poor heat conductor, and cookware made from stainless is prone to hot spots and scorching. However, this is often remedied with bottoms made of aluminum or copper, both of which conduct heat well. The pros of stainless cookware are that it's durable and it doesn't react with food acids to discolor food.

Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor and cookware made from aluminum is lightweight and reasonably durable. However, aluminum sometimes reacts to long-term contact with highly acidic foods.

Non-stick coating is a non-metallic finish that is chemically bonded to the metal to create a hard, durable surface. Utensils made from anything other than wood or plastic can scratch and damage non-stick coating. Consequently, non-stick fry pans are most often purchased for making omelettes where little stirring is involved. For most other stovetop cooking such as sautéing, we recommend uncoated fry pans.

BigTray features Lincoln Wearever & Duraware cookware. Click here to view our selection.

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