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 May 23, 2015
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Convection ovens are highly versatile units. They're ideal for cooking, warming, roasting, re-thermalizing and baking. Whether you're roasting a turkey or baking croissants, convection ovens cook evenly and thoroughly.

Convection ovens are available in gas or electric and in various configurations, including full-size, half-size, stackable, and as part of a traditional bake oven.

Product. How does a convection oven cook?
Convection ovens are highly versatile and ideal for cooking, warming, roasting, re-thermalizing and baking. Convection ovens work by forcing heated air, via fans located in the back of the oven wall, over and around the food racks. By moving heated air around the food product, convection ovens do the same job as a rotary oven in a lot less time and using a lot less space.

Why choose convection over conventional?
Convection Ovens operate at lower temperatures than standard conventional ovens and they cook faster, saving an operator both time and energy. In a convection oven, product that is placed with little space between pans will still cook evenly. Convection ovens offer the operator more flexibility to cook, bake, or steam inject.

Speed. How much faster does a convection oven cook?
With a convection oven, you'll generally see about a 25 to 30% decrease in cooking temperature and a 20% decrease in cooking time when compared to a conventional oven.

Shrinkage. Does a convection oven yield more?
Convection cooking reduces product shrinkage and, in some cases, can result in an extra serving.

Product. What can I cook in a convection oven?
You can use a convection oven to bake and roast anything from meats to pizza, pastries, and crusty breads.

Baking. Can I bake delicate pies and pastries in a convection oven?
No problem. When these ovens first came on the market, the moving air would create uneven meringues and custards. Today, with the "gentle bake" and diffused air circulation, uneven cooking is no longer a concern.

Options. Which options should I consider?

Doors. Remember to check out the door combinations available. Doors come either dependent or independent of each other. Dependent doors will allow you to open one door and the other will automatically open as well. Independent doors will require you to open each door separately.
Power levels. Convection ovens are also available with "gentle bake" cycles and adjustable power levels.
Customization. In most cases, you can have a convection oven built in to a standard restaurant range, but you will lose cavity space. You'll be able to accommodate more bake pans, but it might limit large roasts or turkeys.
Casters. On the freestanding units, we always recommend casters.

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